Unzipped: The Raw Truth About Fashion, Body Image, and Finding Your Own Style


Hello and welcome back. Thanks for joining me for another podcast episode. I am so grateful for all the support I have had. I know this is season two, episode three. I only called it season two because I had prerecorded podcast episodes from when I was toying with the idea of doing it before, and that didn’t end up happening fully until this year. These new episodes are season two, which is actually like the premiere of the podcast. So thank you for all the support that I have received so far.

The comments, the replies, the reviews—all of it. I am so grateful. I am loving that you’re loving it as much as I am. I just wanted to start off this week’s episode by saying that. I know I say “this week’s episode,” but sometimes there might be more than one episode per week. Last week, I actually wanted to record what I’m recording today. Time, space, and a quiet spot to do it were not happening. So that’s why there might be more than one episode per week. We really haven’t decided yet, so it’ll come as it comes, and I just love that you’re listening and supporting me all the way through it. So thank you and look out for more.

Just hit subscribe so you never miss an episode, even if there is more than one in a week. Alright, so today’s episode. I don’t even know where to start with this, so I’m just gonna dive in. Today’s episode is a bit of a doozy. It stemmed from a Facebook post that I posted last week.

I was working with my mastermind group, and our task for the day, or one of the tasks for the day, was to post a human post. I have been selling some style guides to some friends. I’ve been doing a few workshops. I’ve been really trying to break out into that mold because I really want to get into the world of seated to standing fashion and talk about more what I wear when I use my wheelchair, which has been a lot more recently. And all of the things, and I just love fashion. I have a fashion degree. I love it. I want to do some styling, except I have also put on over 50 pounds in the last 14 months, and it’s not for lack of not exercising or diet or any of the things. We’re actually going to the doctor to do a few tests regarding it, and it’s not for lack of trying, let’s just say this. I’m doing all the right things. I’m working out regularly, I’m trying to eat healthy, limiting sugar and stuff. And yes, summer’s hard, but it’s not like I’m eating like crap and all these things. I’ve been struggling with things in my stomach for about 14 months now, going on 15, and so we have some tests lined up with some specialists and things like that. But the weight just keeps coming on no matter what I do. Like I’m exploding out of my clothes, and I am just super uncomfortable. So I did a post on Facebook to say, “Hey, let’s be real for a minute.”

I feel like a hypocrite. I love helping people enhance their wardrobes and start feeling better about what they’re wearing and wear clothes that are for their body type so they feel more confident in them and learn how to buy new pieces that might be trending but that are still going to withstand time and be more classic and not be a trendy wardrobe that they won’t be able to use in a few months. But like how to incorporate those little pieces and still stay current while not always doing a complete overhaul of their wardrobe. I love doing that. The friends that I’ve been doing these style guides for came to me finally, we’re able to travel and do things. And we’ve been momming and taking care of kids and shut up in the house this whole time, and now we want to feel like ourselves again. We don’t feel hot. We don’t feel pretty. No, I don’t want to wear crop tops. No, I don’t want to wear shorts. It just makes me super uncomfortable. These were the things they were telling me. So we did some style guides, and I was like, I’m going to give you some stuff that you may be a little bit uncomfortable doing, but I encourage you to try it on because you don’t know how it’s going to fit until you try it on. I had asked them to show me some TikTok accounts or Instagram accounts that they like, like the style in some of them that they showed me, they were wearing crop tops and shorts and things that they said they wouldn’t wear, and I’m like, if you like these styles, then let’s try it.

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