all the tools for your social media management


The number one to-do-list tracker I swear by. From daily routines to my running to do list and reminders I use todoist as my life, lifeline.


My all time favourite e-mail marketing platform. Simple and clean design templates that are easy to use and customize for your every need.


My mind map for everything! From content calendars to meeting notes to all my plans it's all in trello - and what's even better? It automates to your calendar!


Want to design graphics and videos like a pro?

Canva is a one stop shop and makes graphic design easy for anyone.

Dotcom Secrets

This is my business quick reference guide, from business layout to processes to emails and offers it's all here! If you want to level up your business start with this novel!

Expert Secrets

Next in the secrets saga is Expert Secrets. Level up your funnel game, attract leads that convert and learn the ins and outs of high ticket attraction in this Russell Brunson novel.

Traffic Secrets

We would not be successful business owners without traffic. Traffic to our websites, social channels, and shops. Learn the traffic secrets in this read.

Dollar Eighty

My number one tool for all things instagram engagement. Just a few minutes a day can make the world of difference in your community building and brand awareness.


The tool I use to manage my client backend - I'm talking workflows, contracts, invoicing, emails and even time tracking to name a few. This tool really takes the guess work out of backend tasks.

Flywheel Hosting

The hosting site that does it all for your WordPress site, with incredible customer service. Regular backups, security checks, and updates - no more daily website check stress. Let Flywheel host.


Save and share your passwords with ease and security, plus peace of mind that the share-ee will only see what you allow them to, keeping things safe and secure.

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Everything You Need to Know About Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that lets users connect, discover, pursue, redecorate and create. Laura Rike is the Pintastic®️ Pinterest manager for small businesses, blog and eCommerce sites. Pinterest manager services including Pinterest SEO, pin design, and monthly maintenance.