The Story Behind Copywriting


Words are powerful. 

Obvious right? 

Maybe so, but let me explain. 

We communicate in everything we do. There is the famous saying actions speak louder than words. But what if all you have is words? 

In the virtual world, we have come to so heavily rely on during 2020, everything is digital, your actions are the platforms you’re on: 

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Tiktok, Website, etc these are your actions. 

Your words are your voice, your personality, they build the foundation of your relationships with your clientele, that will keep them as life long customers. 

Why am I telling you all this? 

Because words are copy in the digital space and good copy comes from a good copywriter. 

Someone who can dive deep into your brand and discover your voice, emulating that voice in all things, blogs, sales pitches (ie. ads), product descriptions, social media posts, emails, websites, funnels and freebies and basically anything you use words to get your message across with. 

You want someone who can be formal and professional but also easy going and conversational, to meet all your needs. 

For instance, website copy and contract copy may be more professional but things like blogs and social posts you want to be more like you’re talking to a friend to portray that you are approachable and friendly. You also don’t want to use advanced language if your clientele will not understand it and vice versa for too young of language if the words will come off as unprofessional and give off a voice of being green when you’re really an expert in the field. 

The right copy can do all of this – it can make or break sales – make or break relationships and reputations. It is something you do not want to go into carelessly. 

So with that being said, can I help you get your voice heard? Let’s chat! Book a 12 minute call here!