The Birth of SoCretia

I have always been a go-getter, eager and willing to try new things, and have always loved work – I honestly can’t remember just having one job… even starting out I babysat and a few months later I was working a second job in a spa, it was never uncommon for me to have more than one thing on the go at a time, my parents were and are the same. I was born with it you could say. But enough about that, let’s get into why we’re really here. My debut into the digital world.

It started while I was working at my part-time job while in high school – Websites were taking off – if a business didn’t have a website they. were late to the game – even if it was just one page. I didn’t know how to make websites, but I taught myself, then it was email marketing – I started out on MailChimp, taught myself that, then Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

I would actually go up to brick and mortar businesses in my town (after looking them up of course), knock on their doors and say – “I see you don’t have a Facebook page, or I see you don’t have a website, or I see you have them but you can be using them better, can I help you? I’ll teach you what to do.” And just like that, I catapulted myself into the digital space and I’ve never left.

And I don’t think I ever will, I’ve met too many incredible people, realized the world is smaller than we’ve ever imagined, and built a lifestyle for myself that I thought was only possible in my dreams. I can do my physiotherapy and other therapies when I want, have time for family and friends and work in so many incredible industries leaving an impact much greater than I could have ever imagined.

If you’ve got the entrepreneurial bug or just are feeling the I want to be my own boss vibes, we need to be friends and I’m so glad we’ve found each other. ​