Making 2022 The Year My Mark Sets In

You read that right. I’m not even going to beat around the bush I’m calling my shot as they say and this year is going to be the year I start to take my legacy and create an imprint on the world with it.

Talking to all of you more often is just step 1, I’ve been on Instagram regularly (that’s where I like to hang out most) and Facebook a little more often, but this year I really want to focus on a platform I’ve loved and adored for years, it was always my dream to work with them and I have for the last year, plus a little bit.

Any guesses?

Now I could start to give you hints here but wouldn’t you like it better if I just came out and said it?

So hints? Everybody say, Yes? Or No Hints? Everybody say, Nah…

Alright, I’m jumping right in!

The one platform I want to make more myself more visible on right now is…


Yes, that platform I said I’d never go on (iykyk) but broke down and loved every second of it – the platform I always thought I could never work on… fast forward 8 years and my dreams became a reality.

Yes if you know me you know things take time with me.

It’s also the platform I’ve been working exclusively on besides my own things for the last 9 months.

And now it’s finally time to put my knowledge where my mouth is – for myself.

I’ve been a Pintastic®️ Rockstar for over a year, as well as a team member, learning from the incredible Laura Rike & Company, and anytime anyone asks about what to do on Pinterest I tell them to start here.

Laura’s passion for Pinterest is contagious and her transparency in how she strategies and manages the platform makes me wish there were a million more of her to go around.

But that’s why she has her course, so people like me can learn from her and implement her strategies with our take for ourselves.

This month I’m starting with optimizing my profile and I’m inviting you for the ride.

Want the inside scoop on Pinterest? Join me while I attend the Power of Pinterest Workshop January 19th and let’s optimize our profiles all while harnessing the power of Pinterst together.

Are you in?