ClickUp the Ruler of My Life

White background graphic - table with pink iPad and Apple Pencil on it with a digital planner on the screen

Nearly 2 years ago the Pandemic hit and completely uprooted our worlds.

I went from working a 9-5, on-call 12-hrs a day to suddenly working 1-hr a day from home. If you’ve read my story – you know I was B-O-R-E-D out of my head, and this did not last long.

Actually, it lasted about a total of 3-weeks, which was really only 2 because on that third week I received word I had been laid off… and so what was I to do – I was already tired of sleeping in, working out 2-3 times a day and Netflix and novels didn’t interest me.

What did interest me was my side hustle – there was an internship opportunity I took just at the beginning of the year, a coaching program I had been a part of since its inception, and a few clients I had done some small things for.

I reached out to them and suddenly I had more work, a friend I gained from the internship brought me on to her agency, and suddenly I began to take my ‘side hustle’ to new heights — full-time new heights.

It was then that I was introduced to ClickUp and after building out a workspace over a weekend — I fell in love 😍

It started with client management. Building content for approvals, and that’s the way it stayed for months. Then I met a friend in a program I was in who is a verified ClickUp Consultant (I am now in the process 😉 of becoming one) – she opened my eyes to so, so many possibilities and taught me how ClickUp can rule my life!

We did a few big ClickUp projects together and now I cannot run my business or manage my business without it – as a Pinterest manager and OBM.

There are so so many moving pieces when managing Pinterest and people’s businesses that ClickUp is perfect for – plus it keeps me on tasks, allows me to collaborate with team members, and keep everything all in one spot – and easily accessible across all platforms.

There is so much to say about my love of ClickUp that this blog wouldn’t allow for but imagine managing a few clients or several, your own business plus a personal life, finances, life goals, workouts, and physical therapy ++++ it all runs seamlessly and I have a main hub to manage it all.

What rules my life? ClickUp, my calendar, Google Drive and Slack!

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